spiritual music and hymns

With the help of family and friends Jane has recorded 3 CDs to date featuring hymns and spiritual music. Not Alone and Love In Bloom can be bought at Indie Pool. For information on how to purchase You Are The One please contact Jane.

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01 Love In Bloom 09 Epiphany Song (Steadfast Love)
02 The Lord Is My Light 10 In This Is Love
03 Refuge 11 Hear My Cry
04 Today (Saint Teresa's Prayer 12 Isobel (She Sat Down)
05 Car Keys 13 Open My Eyes
06 Walk In Newness 14 Sharon's Blessing
07 Devotion
01 Not The Melody 14 My Heart Soars
02 You Are The One 15 Island Love Song
03 Live, Jesus! 16 O Come With Joy
04 Take And Recieve 17 Psalm 103
05 Meat For One Day 18 A Noiseless, Patient Spider
06 Reach For The Mark 19 Vestiga
07 God's Love 20 Following A Star
08 Taking Hold 21 Carol
09 Let The Word Dwell 22 The Three Voices
10 Live In Him 23 Benediction
11 All The Promises 24 There is No One Like You
12 Doxology 25 Blessing
13 I Thank You, God 23 Benediction

Jane has also published several choral pieces: