Congregational Music

Jane has two hymns in More Voices (United Church Publishing House / Wood Lake Publishing Inc.)

Flowing Spirit (Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc) is a volume of over 40 of Jane’s hymns.  While she composed all of the music, some of the texts are  her own, and many come from other authors.  They may be viewed and downloaded at,  where you may also choose to  purchase a copy of the book.

Sunshine Songbook – Kids’ songs ….  New!   Several of Jane’s songs appear in this very useful collection of songs intended for multi-generational worship.  Though they are simple enough for children to sing, they are meaningful and practical  for all ages to sing together.  Wood Lake has also created a CD of complete recordings of all the songs in the book, so you can begin to learn them without a musician.

Hymns published by Hope Publishing (available here):

Below are three hymns available for free download (PDF) and use by congregations. Please email Jane and let her know how it went!

Birch Trees | PDF

Christmas Blessing | PDF | An adapted Irish blessing.

Holy Spirit, Truth Divine | PDF | words by Samuel Longfellow